Solar Energy

The Importance of an Efficient Home Energy Plan in Idaho

Potatoes aside, when people outside of Idaho think of the Gem State, generally the first things that come to mind are our state’s natural beauty and the opportunities that beauty affords. Idahoans are obviously aware of how lucky we are to live somewhere so blessed with spectacular landscapes and waterways, but we know something else about Idaho. Well, it’s more something we know about Idahoans—we are a practical and independent lot. And for both those reasons, making your home more energy efficient just makes sense for Idaho residents.


Choosing Solar

There’s a common misconception that solar power is better suited for the more sun-drenched portions of the country. Not true. Idaho is actually great for solar (as solar is great for Idaho). As you’re no doubt aware, we get our fair share of sun. The strategies for energy management Boise residents have been increasingly selecting, for instance, include solar. It makes sense, as Boise consistently ranks among the top 50 sunniest cities in the U.S. Solar power also lowers energy use, saving you money and keeping Idaho green. In addition, it provides independence from total reliance on the power grid, and there are a number of tax incentives, credits, and rebates offered to homeowners who choose solar. Not to mention that a solar power system virtually always increases the value of your property.

Switching to LED Lighting

Like the Idaho solar wave sweeping the state, upgrading your home lighting reduces energy expenditure, which reduces both your carbon footprint and power bill. It’s now widely recognized that the most energy-efficient, longest-lasting, even most durable lighting technology is LED. While LED technology has been recognized for a while now as the preferred lighting option by pretty much every standard, until recently adoption of LED lighting has been constrained by its cost. But that is changing, and LED lights are now more affordable than ever.

Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is an invaluable way to gauge your home’s energy efficiency. It can also identify how much energy loss is taking place, where it’s being lost, and how to fix it. This can help you determine the best green energy choices you may want to adopt, like solar, and better understand where you could implement energy efficiency upgrades.

Upgrading Heating and Water

If you live in an older home, chances are very good that your HVAC and water heating systems are not all they could be. That can prove problematic for home energy efficiency since the great majority of the energy used in your home is often dedicated to space heating, space cooling, and water heating. The earlier-mentioned home energy audit can help determine how well those systems are functioning and whether or not upgrades or a replacement are called for. Upgrading or replacing an HVAC or water heating system is often an investment worth making that can improve in-home energy efficiency, and like a solar power system, often adds value to your home.

About EvenGreen Technology

EvenGreen Technology (EGT Solar) has earned their place as Idaho’s largest solar company by installed volume throughout their eight-year business history. They’re committed to educating their clients to make sure they’re as informed about every feature of solar energy and the installation options as possible. Based in Meridian, ID, EvenGreen Technology’s solar Idaho campaign has resulted in them being the sole Idaho-based solar energy provider to have been included on the prestigious Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractor list for two years in a row.

Learn more about EvenGreen Technology’s solar power solutions at

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